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The Guy Who Had It All

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

We've all known or at least heard of that guy. The one who was wildly successful, but blew up his life. You know, the one with the beautiful wife and adorable children, but had an affair, or lost the family fortune to gambling.

"What's his problem?" we judge. "He had it all", we assume. Did he have it all? Or did he just have what society has told him it means for a man to be successful?

If he didn't have a sense of self-love, inner healing, or healthy relationships, he didn't have it all. If he was using drugs, alcohol, or promiscuity to numb his emotional pain or to quiet his imposter syndrome, he didn't have it all.

He simply had society's definition of success, and that standard is filled with lies and fueled by insecurity. Society lies to men by telling them what it means to be successful in the way of women, money, and fame.

Too many brilliant and gifted men have achieved society's version of success, only to feel emotionally empty. What a tragedy, to achieve someone else's definition of success when at the end of the day, society doesn't even care what happens to him.

What if that guy were to put his own emotions, his own friends, and family at the top of his priority list, instead of trying to prove himself to the masses? Then, career success is a bonus to an already wonderful life.


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