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        Mental Wellness Coach


Hi, I'm Kim, and against all odds, I'm here—defying the statistics that would have predicted a different outcome for me. I've been through the trenches, battled anxiety, and faced the darkest corners of my own mind. The world might have expected me to be strung out, in jail, or worse, but I chose life. In my lowest season, I made a life-altering decision—I hired a coach and learned skills beyond anything I had encountered in my years as a therapist or from my own therapy. That pivotal moment led to a complete redesign of my approach, transitioning from a private practice therapist to a Mental Wellness Coach, armed with the very skills that saved my own life.


Now, as a Mental Wellness Coach in the entertainment industry, my dedication is unwavering. I'm here to empower artists, musicians, comedians, actors, authors, and influencers. Drawing on my extensive experience in personal and professional development, I specialize in supporting high-performing individuals in the creative and entertainment industries.


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Enneagram Coach, and Financial Coach, I understand the unique challenges that accompany career success. I've been there, grappling with feelings of unworthiness and imposter syndrome. In my role as a coach, I possess a unique ability to uncover the hidden layers that may be hindering your progress. Having triumphed over years of adversity to achieve my own career success, I'm not just a coach—I'm your dedicated partner. I wholeheartedly believe in you, offering unwavering support to alleviate your emotional burden and guide you toward becoming your healthiest and happiest self. 


Beyond my coaching expertise, I am actively involved in community well-being as the Vice President on the Board of Directors for BStrong Together—an organization committed to enhancing the emotional well-being of children and families. Residing in the Chicagoland area with my husband and teenage son, I find joy in creative pursuits and outdoor activities during my personal time. I actively support my husband's global work in the medical field and manage my son's professional acting career. My favorite moments involve the tranquility of the mountains, the warmth of a campfire, and the soulful tunes of music.

For me, personal development, self-care, and integrity are not just buzzwords—they are the foundation of my life's work. Balancing confidence with humility, I am committed to helping you navigate the emotional challenges that accompany success, paving the way for both productivity and peace of mind. I get it; this industry, and life in general, is tough and sometimes downright terrifying. If you're reading this, I'm genuinely thrilled that you're here. Let's connect, because your journey towards a brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling future starts now.

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