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Actually, Mindset is NOT Everything

We're all familiar with the cool social media posters that say, "Mindset is Everything", and "Good Vibes Only". We all want to feel happy, so much so that we put that stuff on our walls and our clothing. These buzzwords are catchy and inspiring, reminding us to be positive. Indeed, what we choose to think, impacts how we feel. If our thoughts are self-loving, and loving of others, we naturally feel happier. This is true, and how nice it would be if life were that simple.

Unfortunately, mindset is NOT everything. If it were, every single person on the planet would access their higher thinking and make all their dreams come true. To imply that mindset is everything is to imply that some people just don't think hard enough. I'd like to argue that many people, especially high achievers, actually think too hard, and what they are not doing enough is, feeling.

A positively determined mindset, especially for those with early childhood trauma, will only take us so far. If it were enough, we wouldn't witness so many entrepreneurs and entertainers struggle with anger, addiction, and broken relationships. We wouldn't lose so many celebrities to suicide. High achievers have the necessary drive and mindset. Their willingness to hustle is not lacking. They are missing the understanding of how their story keeps them stuck, the tools to emotionally self-regulate, and the vulnerability to ask for help.

Emotional intelligence, the understanding of the emotions of self and others, is not widespread in the entertainment industry. What a tragedy that many people believe that success is the answer to adversity. Sadly, this is a massive contributor to celebrity suicide. It is all too common for successful people to arrive at fame and fortune, only to find their emotional pain has followed them. If you are successful and can't seem to get your mindset right, there is still healing to do.


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