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Just Imagine

Humans are connected to one another both individually and collectively. We are all connected through our stories. Every experience is connected to the next. Our stories are tethered to one another and whether we realize it or not, we all long for healing and acceptance. From loved ones to strangers, we are each seeking corrective experiences from our interactions with each other at any given time.

Our childhood wounds cause us to harm others if we are not self-aware. Partners bring out the worst in each other, parents are triggered by their children and generational trauma continues. Without the proper tools to emotionally regulate, we cause further wounding. We see this play out in all environments from the workplace to professional sports, to strangers in the grocery store (and on the internet).

The good news is, just as unhealed wounding can spread like wildfire, so can healing. If we learn how to fight for ourselves, we naturally share our power and our peace with others. Our individual healing transcends into collective healing, changing friendships, families, and communities.

Just imagine, boldly, for a moment, what is possible if we embrace our connection and a commitment to doing our work. Imagine a world where trauma and the power of healing are common knowledge that leads us to compassion for ourselves and each other, and together, we rebuild families, communities, and systems.

- Just imagine an education system that honors all students as unique learners, each with their own individual gifts to bring into the world.

- Just imagine a law enforcement system that is trauma-informed and trained and all people feel safe calling 911.

- Just imagine a medical system in which patients have full autonomy over their own bodies, without judgment or financial repercussion.

- Just imagine a community where all neighborhoods are safe, everyone embraces diversity and people are free to love boldly.

- Just imagine a mental health system that is built on a trauma-informed foundation and focused on the ultimate well-being of both clients and clinicians, with equal access to quality care.

Let's all boldly imagine a world where there is no more domestic violence, rape, child abuse, hate crimes, trafficking or -ism/-phobia of any sort. A world in which all people are on a radical journey of self-actualization, healing themselves, one by one. To imagine such an awakened world, we must embrace our inevitable human connection. While it may feel insurmountable to heal the world, the good news is that each of us only has to heal ourselves. The collective healing will naturally unfold. So, let's stay committed to doing our work.

Just imagine.


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