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Rising Phoenix

My coach once told me that given how I've overcome adversity, I am a phoenix rising out of the ashes. Today I can tell you with confidence, that I feel it and I believe her. I am the free bird and I do dare to claim the sun rays of the big open sky.

But I've not always been free.

For much of my life, I felt trapped, believing the lie that I was a caged bird, identifying with the painful experiences I had endured early in my life. Subconsciously, I believed that there was no place for me in the sky, no room to expand. As I remained attached to my story, the sky was for eagles, masters of the skies. Freedom and expansion were reserved for those who know how to soar with their large presence and naturally command attention as they do. I on the other hand was stuck, on the ground, a victim in my own cage.

Throughout my healing journey, I've learned the truth that there is room in the sky for all of us, even me. No matter what type of bird, how many missing feathers, and regardless of where we've flown before, there is room in the sky for each and every one of us.

The orange sun rays belong to us all. Freedom is open and available for anyone willing to do the work. Each of us desires to be released from the cage, and free to soar in big ways, chasing our beautiful desires. No one is less or more worthy than the next.

Sadly, so many birds are still caged, not knowing there is a way out. Tethered to their trauma and painful experiences, they unknowingly, believe lies that they are not worthy of more, or that their suffering is inevitable.

The truth is, that each of us holds the key to unlocking our own cage. We are all worthy of spreading our wings, expanding into the abundant life we were each meant for. But first, we must believe it. And while this first step is the most difficult, it's what opens the path to the sky.

Do you believe that you are worthy of being freed from your cage and all that keeps you stuck?


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