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You CAN kick that habit.

You CAN end that toxic relationship.

You CAN beat that addiction.

You CAN enjoy your life.

Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. I grew up poor at the end of a country road, with divorced parents, and a lot of chaos. Statistically, I'm an anomaly. Considering the "big T" traumas I've experienced and the mistakes I've made along the way, I shouldn't even be here.

Against all odds, I'm happily married and debt free, have a wonderful community of friends, family, and colleagues, have started two companies, and enjoy life in both big and little ways that bring me joy.

The one thing I had to do, something I had missed for decades, was fight for myself. While that may seem obvious to some, for this chronic people pleaser, it took some work. I had to dig deep and go through some emotional battles in order to untangle the embodied trauma that lived within me. Ultimately, I discovered the truth about who I am and what I am worthy of. Every ounce of the discomfort of the healing process has been worth it.

So take it from me,

You CAN heal.

You CAN thrive.

You CAN create a life you love.

There's just one question... Are you willing to fight for yourself?


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