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True Alignment

Don’t allow your mind to tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily. - Paulo Coelho

My mind so freely wanders into the dark of the night. The endless possibilities of all that is not, and never will be. Racing faster than my body can follow, my mind tries to lure me toward the wide-open world of worst-case scenarios. Failure, loss, sickness, and death all band together as an army of destruction, manipulating my mind into their evil seduction. Like a car accident, a several vehicle pile-up, my mind and body collide, coming to a crashing halt, leaving me once again, bleeding on the side of the road, alone.

I have but only one choice, to turn to the one resource that never fails. My heart. I sit still, inviting first silence, and then rescue. My inner pilot light turns on, reminding me of the truth, that despite the depression and anxiety, I’m still alive.

My breathing slows as I place my hands on my truth-telling heart. I then move one hand to my belly while my other stays with my heart. The emotional bleeding stops as I trust my instinct that all is well, that I am safe.

My heart and gut are now in alignment, and both remind my mind that it is in need of rest. As I return to my full self, I feel at ease, allowing my heart to lead me home once again. Home, where I enter into creativity and unleash my genius. Home is my true essence. Being home to myself is where I belong.

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