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The Work of Warriors

A warrior is defined as one who is in conflict and sacrifices himself for the good of others. Sadly, in the entertainment industry, and the world of entrepreneurship, this perspective is dangerous. To stay alive, amidst our struggles, we must first fight for ourselves and then fight for the masses.

As an integrative coach, I'm on a mission to end celebrity suicide. My life’s work is to help entrepreneurs and entertainers escape the darkness that often accompanies high levels of success. What an honor it is to redefine mental illness as mental wellness, and redefine success in a way that aligns with mental wellness.

I teach my clients how to fight for themselves, by reconnecting to their story and the younger parts of the story. My clients are high achievers and successful in the public sense of the word. While I celebrate my clients' success and career wins, it is when they take intentional steps to care well for themselves, such as taking a nap, or dancing in their kitchen is when they get my response of "That's the work of a warrior".

For our purpose of bringing healing to the world, a warrior’s task is to take great care of herself, so she may take great care of others. The work of a warrior, for us, is someone who has radical self-acceptance and uses their gifts to make a profound impact on the world.

If we are going to have a positive impact on the entertainment industry, we need to do THREE things:

1. Normalize candid conversations around mental wellness

2. Redefine success so that it aligns with mental wellness

3. Engage with each other from a place of self-love, and healthy boundaries

When we fight for ourselves, we heal the world. Therefore, the world needs more people who are willing to fight for themselves. As a warrior on the front line, it is my greatest hope to inspire high achievers to care well for themselves and ask for help when they need it. Together, we are all warriors, redefining mental health as mental wellness, and healing the world, one warrior at a time.


To all entertainers, without all of you, we have nothing. Sincerely, thank you for your work, for using your gifts to heal the world. If you are struggling, please reach out.

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