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The Epic Story Continues

The epic story continues and continues to unfold. Waves of both grief and celebration, stories both new and old. Time is of the essence as it both stands still and races by. Revealing new opportunities, of how to heal, and new adventures to try. Surrender, the concerns and need to control. Embrace all of it, the entire realm of emotion so you can be whole. To be human is to be. That's it. Be here. Be now. Be you. Embrace the entire experience of abundance and of what is still so few. Do not fret and do not worry, just open your hands. Receive what is for you and for what's unjust, make sure you take a stand. Stand in your power, come out of your shell. It's hard to be a warrior, but remember, you've already done it so well. Rise when you need to, resting often, so as to not fall. Look around and be mindful, knowing you are held in it all.

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