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A "Thank You" Letter to COVID-19

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Dear COVID-19,

Thank you for showing up unexpectedly. Without warning, you’ve worked my pivoting muscles and are teaching me how to continuously accept the things I cannot change. You’re teaching me how to control what I can and how to flow like water with the rest.

Thank you for your unwelcomed presence in our world. While I’d like to believe that I lived in balance before you entered the scene, you’ve given me permission to be increasingly intentional with my time.

Thank you for your relentlessness. In your unwillingness to budge, you’ve forced me to make some changes that I didn’t even know needed to be made. This has resulted in the freedom to say “no”, slash the meaningless tasks from my daily routine, and rest. Without consulting me, you’ve helped me find my voice in saying “yes” to play, to paint, to design, and to even more rest.

Your largeness has taught me about power. The power of the unknown, of a loving God, of community, connection, faith, and the power that is my own. I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of humanity as we turn toward one another looking for ways to help.

Thank you for your skewed perspectives. You’ve given me a unique lens into the world where I can see into people’s homes, and their hearts, often at the same time. You’ve revealed the impeccable resiliency that so many have, as evidenced by their writing, painting, singing, dancing, and a million and one other ways people have found to be creative.

Thank you for being a big mirror that I never wanted to look into. You’ve caused me to reflect on the beauty of human connection. From the brave doctors on the front lines to the many essential workers to the parents in communities delivering meals to families in need.

Thank you for exposing me. You’ve revealed a new layer of understanding of racism. You’ve whispered to me the ways I’ve been apathetic and sheltered. You’ve given me the courage to speak up, use my voice, and be part of necessary change.

Thank you for the challenge. I am learning new ways to ease pain and bring a little joy to a dark and broken world. As I try to understand you, I commit to connection. To myself, my God, my values, my family, and my friends. I commit to my clients and my practice and the purpose that God has for me in the midst of COVID-19.

Thank you for all you’re teaching me.

Love Kim,

PS. Now please leave.

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