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You and  your time are your biggest asset. Take time for you. 

Finding more time each week or month for regularly scheduled coaching can

seem impossible to the high achiever. Through Coaching Intensives, you will

meet privately with Kim for a full day deep dive into your dreams, goals, and

unmet desires. You will dig deep using the Enneagram as a guide to

understanding yourself better, identifying core issues that are keeping

you stuck. 

Feeling stuck? Struggling with Imposter Syndrome? Ready for More? 

Stop the misery. Coaching Intensives can help you discover why you are feeling stuck and can guide you back to your essence. 


Benefits of Coaching Intensives


• Spend a Day Focusing on YOU 

• Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Personality 

• Identify Needed Personal and Professional Boundaries

• Improve Self Confidence

• Learn How to Set and Achieve Goals for Any Area of Life 



Young man sitting on coach rest at home.
Coaching Intensives are held in the Chicagoland area. The day includes meals and refreshments, short work "breaks" and airport transportation. Coaching Intensives are available in remote locations based on scheduling availability. 
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