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Spend an entire day or weekend committed to your most important relationship. 

Relationships are complex, and with added intensity in which one or both partners are high achievers, couples often find themselves feeling frustrated, disconnected, and misunderstood.  


Feeling disconnected? Struggling with communication? Lacking intimacy?

Don’t let your success ruin your relationship. Couples coaching can help you find the strengths and tools you need for a vibrant relationship.


Benefits of Enneagram Coaching for Couples 

• Learn How to Connect & Improve Intimacy
• Improve Trust Within the Relationship
• Build a Friendship Within Your Relationship
• Establish Tools for Healthy Conflict Resolution
• Grow Together as Well as Individuals


Happy young couple hugging and laughing
Couples Coaching is provided through full day intensives and weekend retreats. Hospitality is high priority throughout the intensives and retreats. 
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